Planning Commission - 1st Wednesday of the Month 7:00 pm

Chair: Alan Rumbaugh
Vice Chair: Lisa Sostecke
Secretary: Steve Christians
Ann Visser
Dennis Heffron
Doug Geldersma
Cyndi Dalga

Zoning Board of Appeals - 3rd Wednesday of the Month 7:00 pm (when called)

P C Rep: Steve Christians
Vice Chair: Nancy Benner
Secretary: John Jakeway
Dee Hockemeyer
Glen Jonker
Brian Johnson
Pat Brenk

Safety Board of Appeals (SBA) - Meetings When Called

Chair: Paul Knoerl
Kim Bradburn
Lou Kirkbride
Patrick Brenk

Safety Board Of Appeals Application Form (PDF)

Fire Administration Safety Committee Meetings (FASC)
By- Monthly Meetings

Chair: Steve Christians
Vice Chair: Ken Brandes
Board Rep: Paul Knoerl
Fire Dept. Rep: Scott Vaughn
Secretary: Mary Kay Groening
Amy Brown
Ann Visser-Alternate

Parks & Recreation - When Called

Chair: Tom Nederveld
Frank Force
Steve Christians
Kim Christians
Michelle Lazar
Gregg Converse

Sewer Advisory Committee - When Called

Frank Force
Tom Manikowski
Terry Conley
Alan Rumbaugh
Secretary: Jennifer Medema

Board of Review

From the Grattan Township Assessors Office
Assessment Change Notices are mailed out the end of February 

Any resident who wishes to go before the Board of Review, please call Grattan Township Office 691-8450 to schedule an appointment  

The purpose of this Board is to listen to citizen's petitions about the assessment of their property and make decisions regarding that assessment and to insure equality. The Board of Review consists of three appointed taxpayers from the township. They are appointed for 2 years.

Deborah Swan-Ellis
Doug Geldersma
Lewis Belka

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